Can’t Think of an Appropriate Title

   Because I have no good titles for this weekend. We had intentions of having a long quiet weekend at the cabin for our 30th anniversary. That was back in October. Now it is April. So finally!  
   We drove up in a snow storm. The roads deteriorated steadily so that by the time we turned on to Cty 3 we were driving in six inch deep tracks. We met two other pickups so that we were glad that our vehicle was a FWD Jeep. 
   At the end of Joshua Rd it was obvious that to get to the cabin, a mile away, we had to go on foot or not at all. So we did. On foot. We repacked two small bundles for overnight and promised ourselves that we could get the rest after the plows came through in the morning.
   Darkness had fallen and the snow was deepening quickly. If you settle in for a long walk in the dark through the snowy wilderness and get into the spirit of the thing; you can really enjoy it. Which we did.  We didn’t hurry…we had all night.  We had good flashlights, and the lovely snowfall, and the wind on our backs. Sometime we’d fall through the crust that was below the newest snow and have to stop and pull out again. That became rather wearisome. But when two people who enjoy doing things together, cheer each other on knowing that at the end of the mile there is a warm, dry, clean place to land, they make a party out of any trial. So we did.   
    No plows came to open Joshua Rd all weekend. So we found out about snow shoes.  We discovered the difference.  It is the difference between being king of the hill or impossibly stranded. We were not stranded in the least.  In fact, on snowshoes we explored places in the wilderness along swamps and rivers that we can hardly get to in summer. It was just amazing.   
   While it was still storming on Friday, Elv went out on snowshoes and pulled our food and luggage in on a sled. It was two hours of hard work that he didn’t enjoy so much. I wished afterward I had gone with him, just to make it another together adventure. 

Digging our firewood out of the snowbank.

Elv read The Case For Faith all weekend.

Where it is warm and dry.

I loved snowshoes. 

The roof dumped and obliterated our view!

Out for an “explore” and a water haul.

Not Big Bird, just Hers and His tracks.

You start to get the feeling that maybe you’re just walking over a few inches of snow and you wonder if you really need them. 

One true sign of spring. Pussy Willows

New vantage point.

The spring below the cabin is flooding. Another sign of spring.

Our mode of transportation left at the end for whoever needs to go in next.

7 thoughts on “Can’t Think of an Appropriate Title”

  1. Looks like a wonderful weekend! So – is your anniversary October 2nd? Jeremy was born October 1st, a Friday. Seems like my family was at your wedding on Saturday and then high tailed it out to MT to see the first grandchild, traveling all day Sunday to get there.


  2. Mom, I'm proud to have parents who are healthy enough to enjoy braving the elements. Looks like you had lots of fun. Glad you could finally go.


  3. I liked all the pictures. Even though I grew up with Northwoods snow, looking at it from our jungle now, it seems so unreal.

    Elv, I really enjoyed Lee Strobel's books as well. Lisl and I wonder if you actually were journaling???? Sermon prep? It's unusual to see you with a pen and paper. I also see you got a new iPhone 🙂

    Arla, I liked the second to last pic, with the red willow searing the blue sky. Lovely. Tell my family hello….


  4. Arla I love how you fixed up the cabin. It's so nice and homey and cozy feeling. So is your house. And I really like your pictures. The pussy willow behind our house has snow on it. They are actually kinda cute that way. 🙂


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