The Colors of Spring

     I think the family gets a little in a hurry to go over to Crex Meadows each spring. It was cold and windy again.  But if we wait till the wild flowers are blooming, it is harder to see any wild life (water fowl).  So it is a trade off.     We listened to the cacophony of a yellow headed blackbird and got his picture to boot. There are far too many geese in Wisconsin these days. And we see swans often now…on Lake Hayward, up by Solon Springs, and at Crex Meadows. The huddle of little grey looking ducks are coots. They were trying to keep out of the wind.

   Elv had a fire training class up in the little town of Washburn, WI.  I rode up with him in the Bass Lake Fire Department brush truck. While he was in his three hour class; I hiked on the lovely trail along the shore.
   Lance has loaned me his camera to use, lately. It has far too many “bells and whistles”, but now and then I accidentally get a good one.
    Summer plans for our family are developing. Not what I had in mind, but evidently what God knew all along. More on that later.

1 thought on “The Colors of Spring”

  1. I don't think I've seen a yellow-headed black bird in this part of the country. I thought they were only found on western prairies. Glad we've got them over on the Crex.


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