Harvest, Logging

What’s Happening At Home


We have been living on the job in the woods. I carried the fresh picked strawberries along with jam making tools and ingredients and made jam there. Nothing to it. And there wasn’t much. By the time I finished up, I got to wondering where else I could get my hands on more fruit of some sort to make into jam while I’m at it.



Living in the travel trailer has it’s nice parts. Like not having much to do for house keeping with everything miniature and in one spot. So housework takes a few minutes each day.  Finding plenty to do, though, so far I am not bored. DSC01282
We took a drive the other evening further into the deep woods near the job. The timber is huge and in many places the underbrush has died out and you can see into the depths. It’s awe inspiring.

I came home today to do laundry and hide away under the AC at home since it is so warm again today. Walked into the empty house and opened windows to get rid of the stale air. It feels weird to discover that for all your efforts to lock up and leave the property secure there is hard evidence that a little Indian boy found a way to get in and take over the living room for awhile. He forgot to take his dirty socks with him. I actually have a problem with it, but am powerless to do anything about it. I guess the old stone house is God’s anyway. He can use it for neighbors who need a break on the couch if He so chooses.

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