Thank You, Lisl

It came, Lisl! Your beautiful package made my day. Who wouldn’t enjoy a package containing soft, white fabric, lace, and fun wooden buttons all done up in charming home made envelopes and handwritten notes. Lovely!
You didn’t know it, I realize, but I wanted fabric for a much needed jacket for Ryan’s wedding.  God knew that and what a wonder, He led you to send it now three weeks before the wedding all the way from Thailand.

Last, but certainly not least, I have a new edition of a Jube drawing.  The last whale he sent to me was much less recognizable, ie, we had to ask him what it was. No question that we have a veritable, worried whale on our hands this time. Goes on the fridge. It will stay there till he updates me.

This reminds me. I was in the bank this morning when I heard Jube (almost 4) in Thailand and Gwen  (31/2) in Nebraska start talking to each other. They had some parental coaching; but believe me, they were visiting. Gwen told Jube about her new kitten, and Jube with unmistakable longing in his voice says he wants a puppy! She replies to say that her puppy is named Mocha. They visit on a bit and then he is informed by the mom in the background that he needs to be off to bed and to say goodbye.

Is it just me, or is that kind of wonderful! Zello (smart phone 2-way radio style communication) is another one of our “gifts” in life today.

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