Ten Things To Know Today

1. Jesus reigns.  If this feels dubious to you; it is not His fault. Victory is found in clinging to Him moment by moment.
2. Happiness is not just an event. It is relationship. Same with faith. Commitment, too. With our Creator.
3. Eternity is now. How are you spending this minute? Answer this question with destiny in mind.
4. God wastes nothing, not even our weakness and failures. Will you believe that, turn your messes over to Him and let Him fill you? See what He does. It’s amazing!
5. Little things count big in God’s economy. Like sparrows, and clothes for the lilies. You are more important than a bird, granted, but it would make no difference if you were not; God would still notice and care for you.
6. Love still wins. Jesus commanded it of us. Don’t be fooled into thinking that the negatives are more real. Stop and smile for a change.
7. The Bible is God’s current Word for you today. Go read some of it and hear Him.
8. The Holy Spirit is our Comforter. Jesus said so. If you are feeling condemned and trapped, you’re being mis-guided.  Stop and turn to the Savior for rescue and ask Him to fill you with the Holy Spirit who “will guide you into all truth.” Truth gives you a way OUT of condemnation. What is more comforting than not being condemned anymore? Guaranteed!
9. Prayer becomes like breathing as soon as we understand how much we need Him combined with knowing how much He wants to be in us.
10. And worship completes the circle giving God the glory all day long.

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