Be Good

“Be Good!” I say to our children and their friends as they go out our door. I say it to the young people and the little children or anyone else who needs to hear it.
Here’s what I mean:

Stay well in body but mostly in soul.  Be good.
Keep striving for the Lord. Don’t give up.
Go for success. Don’t be lazy.
Make good choices: on the radio, at Wal-mart, at the bookstand, on the internet, at the table.
Stay pure: in your thoughts, in your intentions, in your desires.  What I mean is to put up a good solid fight in the hour of temptation. Don’t look the second time, guys.  Run, like Joseph did. Want the real deal in God’s timing with all your being. Be good.
Use your time and money to the best purpose, always. Don’t waste any of either precious gift. Yes, time and money are God’s gifts to you to live a holy life, for Him, to Him.
Worship Him: in your work, in your quiet time, in your purpose, today. Be Good.
Memorize His Word. Study it, too. Teach your mind to think right.
Be safe in your car, in your heart, and in your soul, be good.
Tell your troubles and your triumphs openly, honestly. Yes, be honest, no secrets. Did you know that the strength of the bonds of your secret sins is the secrecy? Blow the cover-ups. Be good.
So you goofed up, badly. Confess it, don’t hide it. We’re all just people/sinners saved by grace. Forsake it, cleanse your hearts, get to Jesus quickly and surely. Be good.
Stay accountable. It is your life line in time of temptation and trouble. You are your brother’s keeper…he is yours, too.
And live forgiven, in victory, one day at a time. Get strong and fit. Be good.

I also mean that I truly care how hard it is to be good. And I am praying that you can win the battles and live happy in Jesus. So to all of you children both near and far, related by blood or by His shed blood, I am saying, Be Good!

9 thoughts on “Be Good”

  1. I have just been thinking on this post…..I think I'll keep my kids little a while longer. But Amen to all your be goods! I'm thinking the line, “Did you know that the strength of the bonds of your secret sins is the secrecy?” can be used in more than bonds of secret sin. Any difficulty has no strength of bondage when we're out with it. Thanks for the post.


  2. I always enjoy your posts….this one made me smile. When Art Dexter was principal at Gateway Christian School, I often heard him end his morning chapel by admonishing the students to “be good” today. I knew those two words were loaded – pretty much everything you said! Good memories and food for thought; thanks for sharing! ~Joelle


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