Christmas Past And Other Pieces of Our Lives

 Sometimes I post pictures like this strictly because I want them to be in the book I hope to print of this blog someday. Perhaps I ought to have two separate blogspots: one for the family memories and another for scribblings.
         It was the Christmas that:
* It was cold. We had -25 degrees night after night. 
* Gabes and Josh were here for ten days.
* It was too cold to skate or go sledding for little children.
* But we made a snowman on the first Saturday before it got so cold. Gwen quit worrying that he was going to melt during her nap.  
* We sewed for Gwen and Jenny and quilted on Francis’ quilt.
* Gabe made a rustic little step stool with pallet boards and the children used it ever after. 
* Lance had my name and bought shelf brackets for me for the kitchen project coming up. He put them all in a box and wrapped it into one heavy package. Lovely gift. 
*Elv stayed at home from work because it was too cold. 
* The guys played so many games, they tired of them: Monopoly, Rook, Chess, Settlers, and that maddening Twixt game. 
* Ruger came to live with us. 
* Francis and Josh created center pieces for their upcoming wedding.
* We had a pizza party at Lances house.
* James learned to sit up alone while they were here. 
* When Clark’s were here for meals we were 16. Too many to sit around our little farm house table. 


 Breakfast by the fire on our cold winter mornings. Cozy times.

It is January now. Here is a letter I scribbled off this morning that proves same. 
Good morning,
  No, I am not particularly worried about the bump on my nose. Of course, we will have it removed. What it really does, is to remind me of Grandpa Skrivseth who had skin cancers removed at different times over the years. He was 83 when he was killed in a bad car crash. At that time he had skin cancer again and prostate cancer, as well. He had stopped fretting his old age cancers. So to my mind it is just an age thing and we’ll let modern medicine have a go at it when needed and I will probably live to a great age and die ordinary.
So it’s ok. I am much more concerned about maintaining a proper sense of well-being in my mind and heart than I am of having a ditch on my nose. Nobody truly cares one way or other how I look anyway. I think you’ll find that most people are quite self absorbed when it comes to appearance… so much so, that mine will register only momentarily on anyone else’s radar.
It is 29 below this morning here. But when I took Ruger out it didn’t feel as cold as yesterday. The stars were bright and close in a still, still morning. Wonderful. Thermometers are ridiculously inept at saying just how the morning really feels.
  I don’t know what is in my day yet. I want to plane boards. I want all the extra trashy in-the-way- stuff removed from my house. I want that horrid, dead recliner out of here. Take away the full and messy desk. I want to paint the bookshelves. Let’s order up a dumpster.
                                                                              Have a good day, amg
We found out today just what the new health care plans can do for and against us. What a fiasco! It will not cover the health care costs that the likes of us incurs each year. We’ll be legal, but we will still be paying the clinic bills out of pocket. Moreover, the gal on the phone gave up getting us signed up for any of it after the website gave us an error message, not once, but twice, and truncated. Why am I not impressed!

The new year commences with plenty of work to do: jobs, daily chores and projects. Besides, we have events to anticipate: a wedding, camping, and another whole round of seasons. There is “something to get out of bed for every morning”  while we wait His return when all our earthy anticipations will become obsolete in the glorious delights of His presence. 

1 thought on “Christmas Past And Other Pieces of Our Lives”

  1. Why did you bury this post beneath the july one? The July one just made me feel like crying. But this post made me happy! I love to see you with all your big girls and grand babies. I wish there were more of Benny and Asher. You live a storybook life.


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