Cold Weather Industries

What do ten people do all day in a small house when it is too cold to go outside for play or even work? No problem. We can sew, craft for decor for a future wedding, build things like children’s step stools (I’ll show you sometime),  arrange flowers, play dough, design a new pattern with the husband’s handy math tool and brain, hand sew doll dresses, learn to sit alone if you’re five months old, read to the children, make cookies, take pictures, quilt, play table games, adopt a new dog, etc.

Two pairs of hands promised to one another. They are planning a wedding in June, the traditional wedding month. A church wedding with congregational singing, vows, and a special group of “stand-ups”. The reception will also be traditional: flowers, candles and pretty tables to sit around after we’ve all had a chance to wish them God’s blessings in a “receiving line”.

Observing the new couple and their delight in shared secrets, plans, as well as the usual stresses and pleasures of courtship reminds me to think about our relationship after 30 plus years. How “in love” are we now? Francis is constantly looking for ways to please Josh. She is just popping with new ideas for their wedding or their house and life after the wedding. It is another reminder to me, just what it is that gives life to a happy marriage: decision to please,  ideas to contribute, and to be happy to bless one another.

2 thoughts on “Cold Weather Industries”

  1. I really like your last sentence there…if more of us were concerned about those items…instead we get tired and want others to please and bless us…which isn't wrong…if it comes back as a return on our concern for them!!! 🙂 But we, at least me, forget what real love actually is!!!


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