Easter Sunday Afternoon

 We spent the day at Dru’s/Lance’s house. For the first time we had real short-sleeve weather.  I went out the door to look at the weather after lunch and the children spilled out the door right behind me, happily enjoying the warm pavement under their bare feet.  Of course, the parents made them put on shoes when we took our walk.

 All the water ways are busily whooshing along with muddy, foamy roarings that fascinate all of us.

The babies, Jubilant and Bendick, found a little left over snow pile to support a snowball fight. Rather than get all “hepped” up about them becoming kind men and the dynamics of fair play or not, I sat on the step and enjoyed a rousing, laughing, innocent throwing snow at each other.  Oh yeah, I know, it can get carried away too quickly, but this one lasted only a couple of minutes. Gotta love Benny hugging his little teddy while he plays! Don’t be fooled, though, he packs plenty of boy! Next they put snow in their shirts pockets to “save the snow from melting” and immediately realized this wasn’t possible. I have a video of that part of the play.  I’m guessing that after this the two moms are going to remember to pack extra clothes for these guys. I get to watch and enjoy. This is great!

1 thought on “Easter Sunday Afternoon”

  1. We had snowball fights going on at our house also. Kyle taught Nadeana how to throw snowballs at D.J. You get your snowball, run, stop, aim, THROW! Rather funny to watch little girls throwing snow at their older brother. 🙂


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