Bridal Shower


 Frank’s sisters planned and hosted her bridal shower at Lisl’s house. We were enjoying one of our first warm days as you can see here. It was all lovely.

 Naomi brought a pretty tent for the little girls to enjoy on the deck.

Flowers, sunshine, lace, tea, dainty food, gifts, mints, and loved ones gathering. Gladys had a speech/devotional for us and Lisl initiated a game of What Do You Have In Your Purse that was quite hilarious. Francis has been properly showered upon by now!

3 thoughts on “Bridal Shower”

  1. I thank you for letting us in on Francis's shower; lovely. I want to know how to play 'What is in your purse?” and what is the cucumber dish? Thank you Arla. Love MOM


  2. The cucumber dish was Danae's creation. Danae? And we divided into five teams and made one list per team of what was in everyone's purses. We should have had a prize for the team with the most variety/items non-duplicate. It was amazing what we had on our lists, believe me.


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