Flowers For A Wedding

    The wedding flowers came to our door on Thursday, two days before the wedding. The bride and groom to be were here, for a wonder, at the moment, as well as his parents. Elv was home, too. To have everyone here was not prearranged by us, but perfect timing by God, I guess. 
   Two huge boxes of white roses and baby’s breath.  Opening them was an event in itself.  Layers of white roses in bundles lay there. 200 hundred white roses in carefully arranged in one big box is awe inspiring. Everyone wondered what should be done with them until being handed over to Jenny on Friday to make them into table bouquets and hand bouquets for the bride and her maids, and for boutonnière. 

Jenny and her friends made these boxes and flowers into lovely table bouquets. 

 Francis and Josh built the flower boxes last winter during one of his visits.    

                                                                 And bride’s bouquets.

3 thoughts on “Flowers For A Wedding”

  1. WOW! gorgeous! SO wish I could have been at the wedding to help celebrate! Can't wait to see more pictures! 🙂


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