Summer Bouquets

 It is the time of the year for wild flower bouquets.  We gather them on our walks in pastures, ditches, or along woods trails. 
    Yesterday, driving along, and Lisl shouted “Stop, this is what I came home from Thailand for.”  I had to turn the car around.  Fields of daisies, and bird’s foot trefoil, and some of those fuzzy orangey flowers.  They brought arm loads back to the car, and then she picked ticks off her lap on our way home.  
    Flowers are fleeting beauty at best, but ever so delightful and savored.  We throw out last weeks bouquets and gather up new ones any chance we get.

    For the purpose, we have vases of all sizes and shapes: from tiny crystal bud vases to fish bowl sized heavy weights wherein the arm loads of daises beautify our table. 

 Such an improvement is our newly painted, white kitchen.  Much better for picture taking and a cheerful atmosphere while doing dishes. The latest and greatest in kitchen decor is maybe not even practical but we love it anyway. 

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