End of the Week Posting

 The grand-kiddos have discovered our wide window sills. This is a recipe for pinched fingers but who can resist taking a picture of the party? There is never a dull moment around here. 

 The beautiful Havilah.  She doesn’t seem to mind that she is the only girl among the troop of boys in our family. She is a soft hearted, dainty person most of the time, but she can hold her own if she wishes. 

See, we all fit, Marmee.

We are enjoying our new sidewalk, window boxes of weathered wood, and the hollyhocks.


 The wrinkled leaves of new lettuce in our garden. Jube and Lisl’s garden, really. Elv and the children built this new grape arbor with iron wood this spring. The birdhouse fits right in.

 The old stone house through the hollyhocks. Sometimes I think maybe we should keep it. Our family would use it for years to come, if not for a main home; then for a stopping over place. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to keep it up for whoever of us needs a spot for the weekend, or the winter…or a summer in Hayward.                      Dreams!

Evening in July. It is most amazing that we are only four now. Smaller table and a lot less food than a few years ago.  To beat the mosquitoes we put up the screened tent and set it up for eating and lounging. What is lovelier than an evening at home with “just us”?

                                   The fire table doubles as a grill and a warming fire later in the evening.

                  Elv grills. I sit and watch. For real! I would recommend this arrangement to anyone.

 A lot of changes have happened in the last few weeks.  Some of them are normal changes: Francis’ wedding, new job for me, and the garden and lawn growing and green, sans snow and cold. Other changes are not so happily met.  Our tiny church group  might end up being even tinier. Grownups with gripes. We are not so easily spanked as are our little ones.  
Aiming at having nothing to hide and no agenda but His to defend. This requires vigilance along the lines of kindness as I was saying here before on another post. 

Have a happy summer. Remember, happiness is a decision. Take time for pretty and picnics. 

5 thoughts on “End of the Week Posting”

  1. I saw this picture of you, Arla, and thought 'pensive'. I looked it up in the dictionary and yes, musingly or dreamily thoughtful; suggestive of sad thoughtfulness. I liked all your blog but this picture of you did strike my heart! Love, MOM


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