Windmills & Pfaltzgraff Dishes

   Elv and I went out to Nebraska this past weekend. We like the drive down through Minnesota and Iowa into Nebraska.  Methinks Iowa ought to change its slogan from “silos and smokestacks” to “windmills and cornfields”. The windmills are beautifully graceful and grand. Elv decided to find out how much electricity these windmills generate. He found that one is enough to keep 500 average homes in power. He concluded from his research that it is going to take 50 years for the windmills to pay for themselves. “By that time they’ll be worn out.”   But you just never know, what other epiphany we might unleash by implementing wind farms. 


     Jenny’s garden is always amazing. She has her row of zinnia each year and we enjoyed picking them. My bouquet by the camera will last much longer than the vase bouquets the others picked. 

I grabbed this picture on our meander back to the house after looking all around Jenny’s lawn. I’m liking the colors and basics of this picture. 
   And who ever heard of onions being ready to harvest already in July. That’s amazing.

   We had a lovely lunch of grilled chicken and fresh garden veges at the home of our bride daughter and her husband. May the loveliness of new dishes and new love always be part of their home. 
   They are contentedly settled into an old house in a small town where if you forget to put water out for your new puppy in her kennel the neighbor will kindly set a water dish out for the puppy for you. Francis wasn’t sure how to feel about that. 

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