Labor Day 2014


We took off right after church Sunday in Lance’s pickup for the cabin: the dog, our overnight bags, a cooler of food, and the camera. Due to Amy’s diligence and skillful home keeping we found the cabin “pretty” and nice.
We also spent the afternoon/evening with the Lattin family at their house while we were at it. Lovely visit time while the  young people and Elv played the new matching/sequence game of Quirkle.
Monday, we lolly-gagged with coffee and breakfast till midmorning.  Then Lance mowed the lawn, Brad did the weed-whacking, Elv installed a ceiling fan/light in the living room, Amy and I hung a wall of wallpaper in the master bedroom, and then we did up the dishes.
After all that we hiked up to the top of Buck Mt. We had sun and clouds but the air was very clear so that we could see Lake Superior nicely all the way to the other shore. It’s an awesome view from three miles away.


 Susan has a new rasp of guineas. Watch dog, bug catcher, and homestead interest all rolled into one for you. I was out with her looking over the gardens, new apple trees and yard with the camera. The hens were all getting ready to roost for the night.

 68 degrees after our humid and warm weather here at home was a relief.  Sweater weather is the best.

The wallpaper looks crooked to me. I think I know now
why it was on sale. But I was excited about it because it is all about trees and logging. Maps and leaf sketches. Perfect for my logger man.

 I think it is going to look just fine once we get the room finished and furnished as per our dreams fulfilled.

Ceiling light and fan installed on an unfinished ceiling. But it makes lovely lighting and will distribute the stove heat wonderfully come winter. And it looks funny for now, but someday…
So we consider it accomplishment. The light and the fan can be operated off the inverter from the battery. In other words, you don’t have to have the generator running (roaring and rumbling and ruining the quiet).

 Lake Superior, three miles distant. We always take pictures knowing they’re completely inadequate. But we can’t seem to stop trying.

There is a monkey in the tree there. He in the tops of a spruce tree to get a better . 

Some people play with worms, while others take pictures of the clouds. We sat up there on the rocky knob and sunned and rested for awhile. And climbed trees and threw rocks down Brad’s boot tops, and took more pictures and speculated on the thunderclouds sailing over head if it would rain again or not. Which is to say we were on vacation for real and talked about nothing much or not at all.

Highbush cranberries hanging full up there along the trails.  Another year, sometime, I am going to harvest them for jelly.

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