Discovered Settings

 We found lake Camp 4 on a Sunday afternoon drive. (I posted a picture of that a couple of posts back.) So for my birthday we had a picnic there.  It was getting dark much sooner than we expected for some reason and so it was all very short and sweet. Soup packed from home, gifts from the family, and a canoe row around the lake ending at dusk. Perfection.
That was discovery, the first, on my list.

 I love corn candy. Because it is pretty and “musty” (must have another one). I know, it is pretty much all the bad sugars packed into one lethal piece of nonsense. Oh well, we only indulge once a year, that is, for a few days in the fall.

We had a fire going, chairs set up, a table of food at our elbows in about five minutes that evening. It is a lot less work for me than it used to be to do an evening outing. Now everyone makes a couple of hauls apiece and presto we’re all set up or all put away depending on which side of the picnic we’re on.

 And here is Discovery, the second. I needed a desk area: a place to scribble, and to keep the laptop from getting sat upon when not in use.
   This has been a work in process. The book shelves used to be one piece built for Mom Graber’s use. She bequeathed them to me once upon a time. I had no wall large enough to accommodate

 them. So I cut them apart and added the board needed.  Looks like I did it, too. I filled them with books and you are none the wiser, albeit my terrible carpentry.  We used them that way for many years. We had seven other book cases, too, at some point in our school years. By and by, we shifted down to only five or six, and these two started to just be in the way. Until I thought of hanging them after dreaming over New Decorating Book by Better Homes and Gardens.
 Then we painted them right into the wall, so to speak. We have enjoyed this so much. It changes the room entirely to exactly the right cottage feeling we love.
   So. The desk and book cases and window out of which I can see our lovely maples and lawn makes me happy. It doesn’t take much, yes?
   Discovery, the third, is realizing that I can actually understand and adjust the settings on this camera I have been fussing about for the last year. It’s Lance’s camera, a cast off of Clark’s, and Lance reminds me betimes of those facts.

 Anyway, I FINALLY changed the settings to get rid of that nasty over-exposure and the blue-ish tinge on every vista out our windows when I take indoor pictures Wow!
   Conclusion for this bit of scribbling is this: We are never too old or stupid to learn and make changes with the things we already have. We should study our current stuff/assets/tools. Perhaps we can do better with what we have, instead of coveting.

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