My Ordinary Life


    Snow drifts down outside my window in a fine mist with an occasional clump joining in the slow dance that falls from the snow buildup on the branches and ledges. Suddenly, we have been thrust into the grip of cold, snowy winter with almost eighteen inches of snow for our first real snow.
    Inside, we keep all three stoves stoked for the constant warmth we need in our living spaces. There are icicles hanging from the eves…again! So much for a layer of “water and ice” and a whirligig near the peak and gable vents. This old stone house is determined to maintain the old, rustic, cottage look.
    We are busy with winter decorating and sewing besides the usual round of house work. The cleaning that is happening with Amy and I both at home for a couple of days is very much appreciated and needed.
   Brad and I spent a couple of days in Duluth during our snow storm keeping the gift shop store open at the Mall.  If you shop in Duluth be sure to come to Northwood next to Sears for your “woodsy” gift needs for Christmas.
   Thanksgiving is a few days away and we are looking forward to spending some cabin time putting in a new chimney. We’re also leaping over Thanksgiving and playing Christmas music on Pandora.

A couple of precious days off work to “putter around” the house, decorating has been fun. We found things at the used shop and at Northwood where I work.
     And I had the privilege of getting updates from Lisl through the night on her progress with birthing. In the wee hours this morning Rennie Rafik was born to the Dru and Lisl Lattin family. Older brother Jube and older sister Havilah welcome him fondly.

 It is positively soporific this afternoon by the wood fire.  Lack of sleep, Christmas music, and warm stove.
   So Amy suggested a walk in the snow.  More snow was falling and the road is completely covered in a snow pack.
   Ham and beans simmer in the crock pot for our supper.
    Francis calls for a recipe and to order a few birds from our gift shop.

 Come for coffee soon.


4 thoughts on “My Ordinary Life”

  1. I am still trying to decide whether or not summer really happened. I must have blinked or something. I'm not sure we had last winter's snow all cleared away yet (in the minds anyway)……. But this is pretty. 🙂


  2. Arla, I just want to say thank you so much for encouraging words you gave me today. It was refreshing to talk to someone who has been there and who understands the mixture of emotions and gives me courage and confidence that I will balance it all just right. And also to talk to someone who hasn't forgotten their little girl even though years have gone by. Thank you so much. It was just what I needed in the uncertainty of the moment.


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