This Is My Happy Place

    It is a foggy morning. Every morning has been foggy lately. For days! And we are now officially ready for a good snow storm. Christmas is just around the corner and would you know it, we are going to have us a green Christmas unless something changes pretty shortly.  Thanksgiving and Christmas swapped places on the calendar. That’s what I think!
    SAD articles are circulating again. It is the right time of the year for that. The school buses are waiting their few minutes in the dark before every child’s gate up and down the streets here where we live. I love that old school bus…every morning that I happen to notice this, I thank God for our own schools: home or church. No child of mine would enjoy getting out of bed and off to school before daylight.
    It really is so sad on the days that I am working to look out at four in the afternoon and see that the street lights are coming on already. On these foggy days one wonders if the sun ever really made it above the horizon.
   So yes, vitamins might be a good idea. But give me some sunshine and or an honest snowstorm any day instead of the murky uncertainty out every window today. I fight back with lights: lamps, candles, and strings of lights. And music. And a clean house.
   Yes, a clean house. Nothing, I repeat, nothing unhinges me more certainly than a bombed house. So my vitamin D is tidying and cleaning and doing the laundry. That’s my walk a day, too.
    We have signs at work that say, “This is my happy place.”  A clean house, lit candles, music, Christmas just around the corner, and children and grandchildren coming home makes this my happy place.
Afterward: And now it is pouring down rain. The grass is greening up!

6 thoughts on “This Is My Happy Place”

  1. Ha funny. If cleaning is exercise and vitamin D then it somehow passed me by. I can clean. I can't have a pretty and clean house at the same time though. so that must be why the D isn't sticking.


  2. Sometimes I worry that I obsess over tidy. I can be lazy and leave things slide, like if I'm tired one day or something…but it bothers me in the back of my mind…Now I know I get it honestly. I knew it before, really. Does it damage my children somehow? I have bins of toys put away, mostly because I don't like the mess they make. Less toys, less mess.


  3. Ha! This could be me writing. Except you manage to sound a little more positive about it somehow. The first thing I said to Josh this morning was, “It was supposed to snow last night…”. In a dejected tone. SAD is a very real thing. And I'm right with you on music and lights and a clean house doing wonders.


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