Boys in our lives. So much more than the game is here. They sat here for hours that day plodding through this game. Never mind whether they enjoyed it…they started it, so they finished it. That was the impression I got from walking by and eavesdropping. But a lot can be learned about a stranger cousin by playing a board game, you know, especially by playing Catan’s Rails and Trails game.

The great arm wrestling. Brad pretends to look all bored and Benny is about to nail ‘im good.  Arther’s smile is priceless.
Thanks for sharing them with us for a couple of days. We enjoyed it.

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  1. Love these photos! So glad these 3 could spend time together. Arthur told Brad before leaving (at least this is what I was told) the next time they would see each other would be at Brad's wedding. 🙂 And both my boys were walking around the house singing, “Lance the turtle…” for several days. Lance also had a good, big brother effect on them. Thank you for abundantly blessing my men in only a few short hours! ~Lorinda


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