Some Thank You Spots On My Planet

 A patio fire and cookout during the very first week of 50 degree weather made us feel triumphant. We made it through winter! A big fire, a few friends, coats, and a picnic supper… a perfect spring celebration.  Never mind the snow in the back ground.

 We took a Sunday afternoon drive the other Sunday and it turned into a mudding. Now we know that nobody bothers to plow the forest roads in winter. And we found out that Josh doesn’t mind mudding with his nice pickup as long as it was kind of by accident and the only way home was through. “It’s dirty now, so it’s fun.”  

I found this wall art at work to add to the kitchen. Looks nice on this picture and in real life. Elv’s gift of white oak shelves are still beautiful, don’t you think? I’m never going to get tired of this kitchen. 

   I’m collecting “Thank You” spots in my life. My kitchen is one of them. I need these places to override other ugly voices of discontent and undoneness. Here is a good place to remember the good things and thank Him for a tangible blessing at the moment amid the clamor. 

 Morning in the swamp outside our living room windows at the cabin. It’s dry up there this spring. No green yet and there is still frost in the ground. And snow here and there, especially in the woods. 
    Everyone enjoyed Sunday for our first 5th Sunday church in Minnesota schedule. A couple of the advantages of being a small congregation is that we all fit in a coach bus and in Lattin’s living room of rows of chairs.
   Good times of worship and fellowship. Our singing is good when we are all in one place. For me, the singing is what I go to church for. (I know, bad grammar). But seriously, the singing makes or breaks it for me. So that’s my humble confession this post. 

The Cabin, Another Thank You Place

We came home from the cabin this time saying, “Ok, now it is time to get wall coverings over that insulation!”  Funny thing is, we have all the materials. Just need a good space of time to do it. And the three windows behind the table are to be replaced with three big windows, 12 feet of window! The indoors will move in to grace our every meal. Can’t wait! We have the “new” windows, as well. 

   So there’s my blog contribution for the week. We are busy with spring chores at home and at work.  The dumpster is getting a workout here at home. Spring cleaning is like the clearing of a bad conscience. It’s a great feeling.

4 thoughts on “Some Thank You Spots On My Planet”

  1. When you get the windows into that space and something covering the insulation; I want to come and make some food in that great big cook stove. Your cabin will be absolutely dreamy one day.


  2. 1. Only pedants require that sentences are not finished with prepositions, and they're wrong. You're grammar is fine 😉

    2. It seems like Elv, family, and friends do a good job of giving you thank you spots, and you do a good job making them. That is a good reminder for me to make sure Lisl has such spots for which to be thankful (see what I did there?)

    3. Teaching the last couple weeks about the body of Christ in our baptism classes, I was again struck by how important singing is in Bible church life. So you're okay there, too.

    4. What did you decide to read this year?



  3. I really appreciate number 2. of your reply. Sometimes Elv is dubious of his ability to supply happy for us so this hit the spot. And yes, I saw what you did. I just think it sounds stuffy in certain conditions. 🙂 I read Christianity Today that comes to my mailbox, thanks to you.


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