Places In Our house

Here’s a picture posting just for fun. I started out with a camera to take pictures of our various home made blackboards. You’ll see those as we go along here, too.                                                          


 Amy and I have a belief that there should be flowers of some sort on the table at all times. These are our most recent batches. We have a friend who often brings flowers just for this purpose.

 Lisl sent this home made card and the little magnet for our refrigerator. A gem for an eye, and two more flowers: on the hat, red, of course!, and in her hand. Bonus of red shoes on her turned in toes.  I do miss her and hers. A lot! Snail mail is the best.
   Gwen sent me another bouquet of flowers last week.


We enjoy our black boards. Brad and Amy each have one made of chalkboard paint and a plain old board.

So just now, Amy and I have sayings on three of them. This little slate lives on my work table.

Here is Amy’s inspiration board for you. Pretty simple, right?

 Dried roses, pine cones and a bird in another corner.

 This picture bugs me because I should have taken it at a better angle. Found this on a bookcase in the hall on my camera hunt.

 I found Brad’s black board sporting a  leviathan. And a tall ship. “Out of the Depths” is written under the monster there. Who knows what he had in mind. But it makes you think. It reminds me of pre-Renaissance superstition. Columbus was brave, wasn’t he? And, of course, Job’s poetry.

 I like maps. Brad took this old school map and framed it out with pallet boards. It covers a goodly part of one wall in his bedroom.


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