Grace For Our Days

 I found a quote today that went like this; You own everything that happened to you. Tell your stories. If people wanted you to write warmly about them, they should’ve behaved better. -Anne Somebody. Something about this rang a bell with me and I copied it to the blackboard…for about five minutes. The more I thought about it; the more I saw the missing Grace. So I erased it. Thank God, we don’t have to “own” everything that has happened to us. The Blood covers it.
This morning I found some recipes in a lovely, little garden dinner cookbook I bought for the pictures at the used shop. The recipes are full of things like red onions, jalapeno peppers, cloves of garlic, olive oil, fresh ground pepper, fresh cilantro, fresh lemon juice, red wine vinegar, etc. So you can see why I  spent the dollar. The pretty tables set in gardens are quite fetching. But a handful of the recipes finally caught my attention. I really need a word for when something you’ve had, suddenly comes into focus for a completely different reason…something you couldn’t have thought before now. And the definition should include the certain knowledge that God had it in The Plan all along.

 Quiet time, Studying recipes, the Sunday school lesson to teach next Sunday and my journal and Bible with coffee and the everlasting, disgusting, morning egg ( must-have protein). Quiet time has become very precious this busy summer. That’s not to say that the only time I read scripture is when I have a day off. It is just that instead of sleepless, fussy baby nights and full days of filling family needs, I now seem to have time to be busy in completely different ways. And we are still getting accustomed to it. After being a mom for so many years with all the pertinent demands I am still amazed that they’re so soon over…now.
Oh I know, you girls are rolling your eyes, but SERIOUSLY! It all still feels new to me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad it’s your turn, and I am happy to have a go at this new turn of circumstances.
Now I can try a black bean salsa recipe if I like or rearrange the kitchen shelves without interruption. Or have a job away from home for a couple days a week. And be available to friends who need.
Like Amy said with a big sigh last night after we picked her up at the airport, “Life is good!”

2 thoughts on “Grace For Our Days”

  1. Yes, Mom, I am looking forward to the days of lingering over my Bible, prayers, and cookbooks. But knowing that those days are coming, somehow gives me permission to enjoy these days without guilt because I've only managed to whisper a prayer and catch a chapter if I'm lucky for the day. Does that even make sense? And now, since you have TIME, figure out a happy way to eat your morning eggs!!! Pop them in the oven scrambled in what ever meat is in the fridge, seasonings to your liking, and veggies. Let them bake while you read your Bible. Smother them in cheese from time to time. Put them in a pie crust….Love you.


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