Reflections Scribblings

 I found and ordered up the pictures from our family camping last summer. I plan to scrapbook the events of four days of camping into one whole scrapbook. Sparkling blue lake pictures, a red and white canoe, fishing paraphernalia, children and beach balls tumbling in and out of the lake, sandy toes, dirty faces, sticky marshmallow-y hands, bright sunburns, campfires, loons, and messy beaches. 
I am becoming positively sappy with the memories. Thanking God for the photographs, too. Because I honestly would have forgotten this without the aid of all 800 of them. Now I can relive it and realize how precious that time was… all of us there. It’ll be a couple years till we can do this again.
Until that distant future week; we must be sufficed with short evening canoe trips. 

Oh yes, a canoeing of an evening on the channel. Someday, soon, I promise myself. 
And now a new post. 

Life is so good. One of the girls at church said to me, “This is a happy place, again.” Big sigh! Praise the Lord. 
Summer, green and golden, is here again. We are enjoying our patio suppers, evening campfires, and blooming flowers. The ditches are blazing with daisy and tansy and vetch. 

Next subject.  
Three out of ten women will get breast cancer, so say the statistics. That’s for other people we think. I did anyway. Till now. Now it is my friend getting suddenly so very ill with nausea. It’s someone very close to me losing her long, never-before-cut, beautiful, strawberry-blond, just-turning-grey hair. It feels very, very real now.  

She is one of the bravest women I know. I find that I want to walk with her as closely as is decently practical through this experience. She said, “I don’t want to waste this.” She was referring to lessons learned about priorities and plans and our short lives even afterward. That’s true; but I want to reassure her if she shares it with us; it certainly won’t be wasted. Because of how she is being real and ordinary…and brave, with tears and agonies and smiles as happens with us ladies in our troubles and triumphs, I am proud to part of her team. 

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