Everyone Has A Story

Yours truly in Glacier Park. We never get enough of it, but I have this picture to prove we drove through, anyway. And stopped for ten minutes.

Home from Idaho (the Kauffman family reunion) as of Tuesday evening. Only ninety-three of the four hundred of us were in attendance. Even so, we had amazing talk times and fun.
  Kauffmans laugh a lot. Especially the old Aunts and Uncles show us how to laugh at ourselves.

  Elv and I are listening for stories everywhere we go. I suppose that is because of our growing awareness that everyone has one. Especially riveting are the lessons shared by people in our own family who have had experiences similar to ours and have “lived to tell the story”.
    Back at our cabin at night we would compare our collections. We found out that there is no temptation but such as is common to man, and that we have all been provided a way of escape. I especially appreciate the realness (honesty) of our K family. That same forthright-ness gets us into trouble too at times. I am not saying we are always nice, if you know what I mean.
  Tears and triumphs are what good stories are made of. Thanks especially, Dean, Michelle, Valora, Wayne, Samantha, Amy, Shilah, and all of you for your encouragement. And Aunt Nita, I hope that when I am your age that I can be as cheerful and fun as you are to all of us nieces and nephews. You give me courage and I love you for it.

Afterward, Elv and I delighted in climbing the mountain behind April and Jay’s with them. Route 2 runs over that bridge you see there.  We all talked fast between Elv and I gasping for enough of that thin air, to tell each other’s stories while we climbed.

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