In Reply To "Savor"

     Lisl’s Post for today is great. Go over there and read that first if you want to know for yourself. She is a great, organized writer and I’m proud of her. after I read it, I hit comment and started writing. And then thought I should blog my comments here. So go over there and see what she says.

  My Comment:  Hey, what a good idea. I’m home all day today, well, until six this evening anyway, and I’m guarding THAT jealously. All I had in mind was to get the laundry done, complete, finished! And to have all the dishes put away, the kitchen and porch and “pile-it” places cleared and clean and sparkling. Now you come along with this good idea. Remember that pumpkin candle holder one of you gave to me last fall? Hmmm, what else is there. My table is sporting a vase of wilted and wasted zinnia, an undone puzzle, someone’s folded piece of music with notes on the back, and a basket of oranges and apples. Oh, and a dirty table runner laying sideways across the table. It’s all in disarray.  It must be time to give it some thought again.

                                                           Fall Management
    I feel like I have been too busy to pay attention to details like the family table centerpiece. And that is too busy!  There are freshly rained upon zinnia blooming in the garden just waiting to be gathered into vases. Lisl is using books and cookie cutters and birds. The candle and flower give the whole thing warmth and attraction. Autumn themes already!
    Fall is our favorite time of year around here. It’s time again to get new portraits of the individual adult children living here at home. It’s time to gather up the latest couple/family pictures of each the children and get them framed and hung in place. It’s time to redecorate our bedroom for fall: warmth, lights, and something pretty.
    And it’s time to go through the freezer. I have no idea what all is down there in the depths. And if we aren’t eating it, what’s the point of letting it pile up in there. That’s been my freezer dilemma all my life. Most other good Menno moms have two or three freezers well stocked with what? I’m mystified by this. We don’t get to the bottom of our little half sized unit in a year’s time. I guess its a management issue.  And I’m a poor one. I have always wanted to know. Do you with two full freezers even know what’s at the bottom? Really? It’s an honest question.
    That’s my scattered stuff for now. Work hard, be happy, and don’t fuss about the inevitable in your life.

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