A Day At Home

   I get to stay at home today. I can sit here and read a book or scribble a blog post.  I can clean this messy house or not, as I wish. While I revel in such a day, I will most likely work on laundry and regular house work.
   What richness: a whole day before me to home-make.  Brad resuscitated the fire in the living room stove when he got up.  Now the morning chill is being taken over by a warmth to match the yellows and reds of the leaves on the other side of all our windows.
   There are coffee mugs and cereal bowls left on the coffee table and end tables. Elv and I had coffee here first thing this morning, as usual. He had emails: church schedules, editing of a document, plans and problems. I exercised my “help meet” role and talked him into suggesting they put off the “men’s meeting” till after Lisl’s visit. Two other families’ plans have already changed that schedule, twice; why not one more to suit us, as well? (There was a day back there where I would have quietly “supported” and not made suggestions in favor of family events. We sacrificed Elv’s means of being really and truly with us in body AND mind, too, by being so “supportive”.)
Happy changes, these.
  Amy joined us, coffee in hand. Elv soon left for work with cold pizza for his lunch. Unfortunately, he was obliged to boost the pickup battery, before he left. The cell phone booster has been draining the batteries, again. Please don’t feel sorry for his lack of hot breakfast. I cook breakfast for him when he wishes. We prioritize coffee time and talk sometimes when we must choose for lack of time. Life is much better this way…for both of us. Amy and I had our cereal here by the fire and now she’s off to work till two this afternoon. Brad is sitting at his desk in school already. I have another cup of coffee. The sun is streaming in with golden splashes all over the room. I am remembering that today is the day to pull out the next batch of dried flowers and to set a new batch to dry.
   The beauty of fall is inspiring me. I want to haul and work up fire wood. We need to, of course, but first the old Jeep must have a new gas tank installed. It’s been leaking all over the place and having a nasty, gaseous aura about it. Not only is it dangerous; it is embarrassing. But back to getting fire wood. This is another of my favorite fall enjoyments. I still haven’t convinced the children by means of “twice warmed” sermon-ettes. The girls especially, see no beauty or satisfaction in a nicely ricked stash of firewood.
   This year we will not be raking the leaves. No danger of mom breaking her leg raking leaves because she fell out of the tree. The boys have conspired against me and will be using a tractor and bagger to pick them up. I would fuss, but even I can see the practical wisdom of getting it done quickly, safely, and easily.
   We have four new flies buzzing around us every morning once the house warms up. Did yesterday’s allotment of swatted flies come back to life? Where are they getting in?. I keep a rolled up farm show magazine nearby.
   Ok, next I will get a clean house. Onward. Live in and love your home today. Create one more pretty spot on a table or in a closet. It’s fall and cozy winter fires just ahead.
   I want a coffee buffet made of pallet boards, sanded and varnished. Tea boxes in rows. Coffee beans. A stack of mugs. There’s a word box or two at work about coffee or hot chocolate that would fit in perfectly. Burlap runner. Collection of old coffee pots. Now there’s an idea.

1 thought on “A Day At Home”

  1. i can identify the “a day at home” feeling! yesterday i had such a day…my house was/is truly a wreck…i am planning to keep Nicole and her family saturday night…strawberries needed planting…laundry done….and I had a Day at home! the WHOLE nine yards of it! I had a wonderful day….and even did a quick trip to town for some plants and extra soaker hoses for the strawberries…found them on clearance! happy day! Your coffee bar sounds delightful! i would like to see those boxes you talked about!


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