Posting From My Hearth

It is a cold, blustery November day. It is a cozying-my-cottage type of day inside. First thing I did was to dump out the “fresh” coffee made from a generic can of coffee grounds from Wal-mart. Only thing that stuff is good for is the drain, truly. Found the last of Gabe’s home roasted beans and started over. So now, I have a pretty decent cup of coffee to fortify me. 
It is a day to light candles and play music while I work. 
The to-do list being long and varied; I decided to blog first and see what comes of talking about it here before starting on it. 
Brad needs to be packed up for his little weekend outing to a youth rally. And the laundry project has been getting a lick and a promise for a few days. Elv has been noticing, too. No leaving the unfolded laundry plopped on the chair today.

 I stirred up these muffins quickly this morning after Brad wandered out to the kitchen to make french toast for himself. Guilt there for me because he often has to make his own food. He is learning to cook, though. So I chased him out and made our breakfast this morning. 


                           Blueberry Muffins  

Dry Mix of corn meal, flax meal, buckwheat flour, gf all purpose flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, cinnamon.
Wet Mix of 3 eggs, oil, and milk. 
Frozen blueberries.
Bake at 350 degrees until Brad shouts for the second time from his desk that those things must surely be done by now. I had set the timer but it must have fizzled somewhere along the line. 

This would be a good day to turn the church flowerpot into a winterscape.  Birch sticks, red branches from the woods, pine boughs, and other things. I counted how many varieties of things there are generally in a fetching winter window box. Three to five in varying colors. No lights and no red bows; this is for the front of the church. 

While we munch on warm muffins and plan homemaking loveliness the man has it about as hard in the woods as we do here at home.

I sent him this text: Darling, will you please take a minute and get some kind of picture of your inside to outside atmosphere of you/your machine today. I’m blogging about our “rough” life on a cold November day. So these are what came in. You can see Lance’s machine over there in the distance, too. Think shirtsleeve, controlled cabin conditions. 

 I would like to try this today.
 We’ll see. Hope Mennonite Girls Can Cook don’t mind me doing this.

<!–[if !mso]>st1\:*{behavior:url(#ieooui) } <![endif]–>See this silly, little tree? I unboxed this at the Duluth store yesterday. Couldn’t believe my eyes! How simple this would be do make at home. Also in the same box were six packs of wooden snowflake ornaments that looked great on the tree. Plugged it in and sat it in the window. Lovely! I’m still considering how I can duplicate this for pennies. Don’t tell our costumers, please.

And I should sew and do dishes and do some banking. Brad needs contacts and airtime for his phone ordered up. And a nice, sit-down supper would be a perfect ending to a work and project day. 

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