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Winter Flowers

 A bouquet of tulips in February definitely helps to ward off the typical blahs of mid-winter. I recommend this for every family’s table. The benefits outweigh the expense easily. 
    Choosing fresh flowers at our Hayward Wal-mart can take a minute. I think we must get the last of the supply up here and some of our flowers are looking pretty dismal by the time they are available to us. So I take my time to look them over carefully before buying. We got a full week out of these.

 Angelie had her first birthday last week. She is absolutely adorable and cute and pretty. That’s the Marmee talking, of course! 
    She just started walking, but will rather crawl because it is faster in her rough and tumble world of two older brothers. I notice that Charlotte already is enjoying the rise of the feminine side of  the balance with their understanding between them. 

 We know that spring is coming. So the flower coffee table books are back and this time I am reading them. What’s nicer than a smoothie on a sunshiny morning with a glossy paged book that is educational, inspirational, and pretty. 

 Last year’s dried zinnia are still gracing the sills and shelves around here in March. I told you all about that last fall. We used silica gel beads and dried dozens of these beauties of lots of different color and sizes. In the end I had flowers to share. I was reading in Lisl’s blog yesterday and saw in her pictures that she is using some of those flowers for her decor too. Drying flowers is rather rewarding, they can be used to beautify someone’s world on the other side of the globe.   Lisl’s Blog.

 For winter to already be waning puts me in a near panic. There are so many things to yet be accomplished before spring works begins. 
~ Bedroom remodel to finish.
~ A speech to prepare.
~ Indoor painting.
~ Writing projects.
~ This house is dirty and needs cleaning.
~ Take off the bathroom door and sand and re-varnish.
~ Paint the bathroom.
~ Get Brad ready to go to his first full time job in Nebraska.
~ 90th Birthday party for Mom Graber.
~ Taxes.

And now it is snowing! Delightful! Loving winter for as long as I can.

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