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Gratitude Upgrade

 I rearranged the refrigerator art this morning. Gwen handed me a new piece while she was here this week so it was a good time to update anyway. Jube’s beaver and Havilah’s big yellow duck stay. I’ll add in more as it comes. We enjoy it. There are two Thankful magnets.  Elv met me here this morning while I was playing with the arranging and read them out loud. Dawning spread across his face when he said, “I haven’t been feeling so grateful lately.”
Me too. So here’s my list, below.

~ For the children’s artwork: purple squirrels, yellow ducks, and elephants. 
~ For colors: pencil colors along with the sketch books in the arms of our six year old, her eyes shining while she thanked us for the nice birthday gift. 
~ For eye glasses: mine and yours, but especially Myles’s. Now we can see.
~ For lemon juice. To add to my drinking water. It’s good. Try it sometime.
~ For spring breakup. Because now Elv has time to install a furnace and haul scrap metal and clear the trash out of the back room.
~ For Elv. Because he goes about mending things: fences, relationships, machines, drive shafts, you name it. 
~ For laundry soap and cleaners and new washcloths. 
~ For the prospect of a new walk-in closet soon. A place for everything and everything in its place shall have new meaning around here. 

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