Comfort One Another With These Words

 How often do you hear someone express doubts or fears or tears? The need for comfort is real. And it is a need that should be met. Especially in others. But I’ve been noticing that it is far easier to know when I need comfort than to sense when someone else needs a little cosseting.Why?
    It’s the most aggravating cycle. When I need a few warm fuzzies is exactly the moment when I have the hardest time providing it for someone else. And when someone in my family is the hardest to love, they’re suffering a little Affirmation Deficit Disorder themselves. It’s hard to love a sour person.
    This morning at four I received a little comfort from the Comforter Himself. Paul said, “Comfort one another with these words.” I haven’t even gone over to the verse to see what those words are, yet. But I’m confident that they’re good words full of affirmation and hope.
    So today, let me not miss my cues.
~ Let me bless today. Someone’s sourness is a cue.
~ Let me learn how to say, “Good job.” And mean it.
~ Let me trust today. Let it be the kind of trust that begets trust.
~ Let me learn to pry my mouth open and say the yeses that need to be said that gives others the hope they’re needing.
~ Let me LIVE the yeses that turns the lights on and warms the rooms of other hearts, too.

2 thoughts on “Comfort One Another With These Words”

  1. I tried to comment on this before but was struggling with my computer. Anyway, thanks for the phone conversation and the comfort the other day. I need it when I least expect it these days. Sneaks up on me when I thought I was okay that day–but you know about that.


  2. So ever since I read this on your blog I realize how good you are at looking for the good and mentioning. I don't know if this has been your motto for the past month or not. But I just want to say thanks for being a good example to follow.


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