Fall Work List at Home

   There’s blue sky and sunshine outside today on a lovely mild day in November. It’s a perfect out there for working a list of fall chores. First thing this morning I ransacked the refrigerator freezer to see what’s for supper. There was spilled yeast and a few unidentifiable things that got thrown in the trash. There was also a pack of cranberries.  A clean, almost-empty freezer begs for some thoughtful grocery shopping. We’ll get to that, too.
   In the meantime I stirred up some needed cookies. Brad expects them and so do the grandchildren who come and go here. The cranberries got minced in the blender while still frozen and added to our favorite oatmeal, chocolate chip cookies. They are really delicious. I’m not bragging, I’m complaining because I must not eat them.
   While the children play outside today:
     ~ Paint/seal the wood around two new basement windows to that Elv can add the trim.
     ~ Rake up the leaves on the lane.
     ~ Trim the spirea shrubbery.
     ~ Put away the patio furniture. This feels sad. We never get enough of patio time around here although I have pictures to prove that we spent a lot of time there this summer.
     ~ Clean and store the patio carpet. I know just the place to “store” it. I am hoping to add it to Clark’s great room for the winter gatherings.
     ~ Clean off the morning glory trellis.
   Then we will come in and have hot chocolate, as per Benny’s request for today, and cookies. Are there any other grandchildren looking a fall party?

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