Winter Monday Post

 It’s Monday evening. We have a few inches of new, powdery snow on the ground and more coming maybe. It’s cold again. One of these days maybe the sun will come out on a white sparkling world and we’ll be able to get some much needed happy.
   Blogging and writing have ground to a standstill due to a serious lack of courage. I mean, I hope that’s all it is.
    When the sun comes out and stays in the sky longer than four o’ clock in the afternoon I’m hoping to wake up and come out from under my rock.
   Abbey put a heat light on her terrarium a few days ago and within a few minutes her two painted turtles came out and stretched their little heads out as far as possible to get as close as possible to that light and basked. Soon they began to do what turtles do when they’re happy, shoving for the highest spot. Yurtle stood on Turtle and got even closer to the heat lamp. Until Turtle tipped Yurtle into the water and then the race to the top of the tank and the light began all over again.

 The closest I can get to crawling out of my shell is to clean up the kitchen, create some pretty, and have a birthday party for two 30 year old girls in the family.
   Each time I write something or say something it feels embarrassing afterward. Bad case of me-ism going on here.
   But the party was nice, if I may say so.  We opened up the two electric train boxes after four years? (Wow, that was too long) And played trains on the carpet with the grandchildren. Cheering activity. The smoke stacks on both engines and one of the whistles still work.
    That was last week.
    Today, Monday, Amy and I decided to drop everything here at the stone house and go up to the cabin to rouse it for a change and visit our friends up there for a couple of days. We hurriedly swept floors and washed the dishes here and threw food into a cooler and clean sheets for beds and a few duds into our bags, loading it all into Amy’s car.
   Phone calls and plans ticked right along until snow began to dump out of the grey skies. While sitting at the L&M parking lot waiting for our rendezvous with Elv who was bringing us the generator, our little plan began to get snowed under, literally.
   We gave it up. Went to the library for another installment of books and a movie and crept meekly home to spend the rest of the day safely content to hug the stonehouse hearth. Maybe next week, we’ll try again. 

This Beloved Hearth During a Snow Storm!

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