February Blahs and Other Adventures

 Even in the city there’s beauty on a cold winter day. I noticed and grabbed this photo in Minneapolis last week on our way to set up for The Lake Home and Cabin show.
Setting up our booth in the convention center reminded me of Sugar on Snow days. It seems long ago and far away, those days of preparing for our annual living history event in Beaver Bay.
While Rosie boated in the bayou down south under the Louisiana sunshine; Ruthie and I enjoyed setting the stage for showing and sale of our furniture and sheds. Oh well, we get to share the fun around one way or the other.
To be honest, boating in the bayou wouldn’t be my pick of enjoying the sunshine. What if we met an alligator or worse yet, a snake? So I comforted myself accordingly and had a great time working indoors where the crisp Minnesota wind couldn’t reach us. The guys worked even harder than we did, and were taking a lunch break here, as you can see.

 This pink, hickory rocker is kind of cute. It is stained so the grain still shows nicely. Everybody but me said, “That’s ugly!” when it came off the truck. But I could see it cozy-ed up to a huge stone fireplace on a braided rug under old, low-slung  beams darkened with the smoke of a thousand wood fires. Sure enough, it sold at the show and we’re going to order more. The next one will be a darker red. Come in to Northwood Outdoor soon and order yours.

On a different note, our Sunday afternoons have been good times of sledding for the children out behind the church and a video seminar for the rest of us in the fellowship hall. We keep the coffee pots busy and the babies who need naps bouncing, the while. We’re learning how to teach and speechify.
It’s been a wonderful way to combat the blahs and learn something together at the same time.

On  other Sunday afternoons we play table games and visit till almost 5 in the afternoon, sometimes.

On still two other Sunday afternoons we’ve been trusting God to help us in choosing new leadership for our small group. Next Sunday will be ordination day.  We are happy to welcome Conroy Loewen and Dru Lattin as the new leadership team for Grace Bible Church. 

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