Mostly Pictures

Moss in the Minnesota woods near the North Shore.

This is Moss Flowers/Spores? It is the first thing to come alive in the spring with intricate beauty that I find to be rather wonderful. Especially with a camera lens.

Same Moss. Elv is in the background protesting his perspective to me to not get cold because I was kneeling in the snow to get these pictures and for you to see how small moss is.
This one should help you too. See the rotten tree stump?

I’m liking this lichen. I hope you do too. It is really pretty this time of year.

In case you were interested.

That new entry wall.

Cabin Electricity

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Lake Superior was in one of her grey-est sullen moods and kicking up a few waves and spray to prove her point. It was snowing and raining and blowing. So we stopped to capture a bit of the action on our way home.

Wet Lens

Tansy from last year. This year’s tansy is green at the feet of this.

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