Nebraska In Our Family

Amy and I went to Nebraska the day Michael Dean was born to Francis and Josh Cross. Michael arrived a hearty nine plus pounds with lots of dark hair. Perfect baby. But we got to see and hold him while he was still very new and squinting at the glare of daylight. Nice baby, lovely mother, and rather proud father.
    We arranged that Amy would stay nights right at Francis’ house while I spent my nights at Jenny’s house. This way I got to see both families the duration.
    Spending days with a new mom and tiny baby are quiet and sleepy. We had long hours of visiting, house work, and listening to the birds. We washed a few windows, but playing with the babies was more fun.
   The amazing Anne is two now. She seems okay with sharing her parents with another. One evening while Josh was holding his new baby son, she suggested to him that he let “Mom hold it.” Josh being her own. No doubt she’ll have to realize that they both own both.

One evening we took a walk, Gabe’s family and I. The road was empty though we kept eyes and ears open to possible traffic. The children rode bikes while we walked. And a camera.
   Nebraska gets inside ones bones eventually. Our girls who moved there at the time they married each their Nebraska man have become Nebraska women: strong and steady. I admire them.

Myles waiting out ahead for us to catch up.


Is it done enough?

Dog Kisses

Princess of her own little castle.


We had ice cream cones one windy warm evening on Joshes deck. I am all sappy about these pictures. You don’t have to be.



Nebraska Ditch Foliage

Pride of the Farm

Homestead of Yesterday

Dirt Roads, Ditch Grasses, Corn Fields

Taking Time To Smell The Roses

Bind Weed

Grasses and Dirt Roads

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