Owning An Odd Space

We have a small area at the end of the dining room, behind the bathroom that doesn’t really  have an obvious use or function most of the time. To make it even more confusing there is a deep window sill that would be perfect for a window seat except that it isn’t low enough to step into, or to sit into either really.
     So let’s try this. With fourteen grandchildren under ten in this family and the complex noise level of that many adults visiting in the same area there comes a need for spreading out. There’s a window seat for reading or napping and a rug for cozy toes, a bookcase full of books, a chest of toys, and a string of lights in the tree for enchantment.
      For reasons I can’t explain now, I have never wanted to designate a complete room area exclusively to the children’s activities. They have their own bedrooms, of course, but I have felt like we did not have room to spare for the toys, books, and games spread out, taking up “living” space. I’m happy to announce to my world now that with so many little children coming and going now in these four walls, I’m happy to make a whole room area into their space.                                                                                                                                                                                               

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