Saturday Evening In December

 At the end of a busy week this place in our little old house is welcoming.  I have been thinking all summer about how these hickory rockers would serve our family perfectly. Now there will be plenty of seating when the house is full.
Besides, they are low and wide enough for elbow room for laptop work or for curling up in by the fire on a winter evening.
     At the end of the week I have a list of accomplishments.
     ~ Using my stepladder and a bucket of warm soapy water; I washed the outsides of the living room windows. Warm weather this week allowed for a little more fall work after-all.
~ One day I went over to Lisl’s house to help out in her lovely new kitchen: dishes and floors and then a big pot of cheeseburger soup. The small diced carrots, celery, onions sauteing with parsley, basil and butter made for some good hygge. Rennie and Havilah wanted to see the pretty veges so I lifted them up one at a time for a glimpse.
~ We gathered up the lot of our small collection of Christmas decor: nativity scene, pine, baubles, and a few other odd treasures. Can’t make it seem like anything much this year. We don’t like glitz. Not a Christmas tree either. Just some rich red and brown and sparkle with pine satisfies entirely. The two black rockers with the red cardinals and a plaid blanket thrown over the back of the other is also perfection in winter decor. Does a cabin need more?
~ Listened to music all week. Christmas music.
~ Worked in the mall store and in our own store here at home, too. Pleasing customers was a joy this week to me. They’re Christmas shopping, so they are thinking of their loved ones and what they will like. How many times did I hear them say to each to other, “Let’s get this for Mom.” I concluded that us moms like small pretty things with true meaning. Just listening to my customers with their minds off themselves and their own troubles. I saw teenager siblings seriously considering how to please family members. Once a young man strolled through our kiosk with a baby on his arm, the baby’s blanket over his other shoulder. He was completely unconscious of how different he was from most of the other young men walking the mall.  So I saw a lot of tattoos and metal in odd places in faces, and strange clothing, but inside all of those trappings are real people with real families and Christmas is coming for them, too.
~ We celebrated Clark’s 34th birthday this week with gift cards for L&M and Texas sheet cake and ice cream. No candles, but we sang for him.
~ Some of the church men pulled out the old carpet in the dining room at church and replaced it the following evening with new laminate vinyl flooring. Then a couple of the girls cleaned and did some seasonal decorations. Amy and Tim refilled the big flowerpot outside on the steps with pine and berries and birch.
~ Elv came up from his study for a small break from sermon work to share with me a flash mob video he enjoyed on utube. I like flash mobs, even those so obviously staged. It’s an amazing side benefit of internet media that we can find a commonly known song and play and sing it with strangers impromptu. It reminds me of Heaven when we shall sing the song of the redeemed together. Everyone there will know all the words and the music by heart. It will be the most amazing experience ever!

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