2017 Is Almost Gone

 Christmas vacation has been truly restful for which we are grateful. The days leading up to our vacation were anything but restful with a grandson in the hospital for a week and everyone of us needing to be at two places at once. By the time Friday before Christmas rolled around; I was having trouble figuring out what day of the week we were on.
   So here we are Tuesday evening after Christmas having had hours of hearth time playing games, eating too much food, working on a John Deere tractor repair just as his fun project in Elv’s case, and reading Richer By India in my case.

    I have also been thinking about my blogging and where to go from here. For Christmas Elv got a year of blogs printed in a book for me. A year makes 139 pages of my own writing and photographs on glossy paper in a hard cover book. I have nine such potential books! Full of unedited writing: our life, my discoveries, home making, work, family story, pictures and scrapbooking. What a big mess. I need to stop creating this impossible mountain, or “let it” as they say in Nebraska. To do something more disciplined and intelligent with all these words. Oh, what shall I do?

8 thoughts on “2017 Is Almost Gone”

  1. I love your tips on homemaking, but then again, your positive on marriage and child-raising has encouraged and convicted me many times too. I'd love to read a book on any of those!! 😊 Happy New Year to you and yours!


  2. I am pondering this: Was it worth it all? After the Christmas home decorating, buying gifts, baking cookies and cooking, and all the company, sending out cards and pictures, and making my family a calendar, and taking baked goods to neighbors, and and and; I think it would a good sermon , the Sunday after Christmas for the minister to get up in front of his congregation, and his first words to be, ” Was it worth it all?” Yes, but I need to go further on in my doing things to the reason beyond the doing. We give because God gave us Jesus. True, in the midst of doing, there is a balance in doing, joy, love, it's the thing that's proper and etc. Peace on earth, GOOD WILL TO MEN!!! Grandma Ruth


  3. There is a place for the unedited blog, but if you are wanting to focus more, I've been told that the secret to good writing is rewriting. For some of those posts, go ahead and read each one 20 times, making changes and tweeking it before you put it up. I don't know that anyone will enjoy it any more than they do now, but you'll definitely feel like a professional writer. Or you could keep doing your blog and rework other things for other forms of publication. Of course, my long-neglected website is probably getting offended about now.


  4. I do rewrite and re read and let it cook, especially if I am pontificating. But there are still errors. Thanks for your encouragement, though. And yes, its time for me to take writing more seriously again.


  5. Everybody makes errors. Except for your very grammatical son-in-law, who probably won't point them out anyway, it's doubtful if anybody but you notices them. I've been stirring my own writing life a bit lately, too.


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