Winter Posting

 We’ve been having the nicest kind of winter there is.  Snow-fall at regular intervals, sub-zero nights between snows, and the blue sky days to turn the whole world into a dazzling vista. Snow is blue and white and grey and all the shades thereof. Charlotte tells me that I talk about the blue colored snow every winter, so I’ll not bore you with it again, but truly, we have the most beautiful snow that there is, anywhere.

As is all of life, I suppose, there must always be the proverbial fly in the ointment to balance the big, beautiful, blue-snow things. The logging job is an hour away and they have no phone reception. They cannot receive or sent texts. Elv says that this happens every winter and it is just that the winter stumpage happens to be more in the boonies.  But I say it is because we are planning a wedding. This has happened every single time we have been planning a wedding, without exception.
Amy and Tim are getting married. They’re excited about this and so are we, of course. Yes, it was, a short courtship, unless you take into account that they’ve known each other all their lives. Both from our home church. This fact then, for now, insures that at last one of our daughters settles in our community.

The wedding will be in May. It will be a small wedding. We learned again that you have to book a church before you set a date. Check. Put money on a reception hall. Check. Colors. Check. Invitation pictures. Check. Make a tentative food order. Check.
We are also learning again, that even a simple and economical wedding requires list making and many phone calls and note takings. Details, too numerous to mention above photographers and servers must be carefully tended. Amy is good at this. And I’ve done it three times before. Which helps. And it’s fun, too.
So Elv is securely sealed away in his Buffalo cab with no connection to the outside world while Amy and Tim plan.  Sometimes I rebel heartily inside about this. Other times I know that in reality even if I could be telling him every detail and asking him about other details that he’d be far less than enthused about listening to so many of them. Detail is not his forte. His words, “My job is walk her down the aisle and to give her away.”
 Of course, he has attended to the important parts of preparing each of his children for adulthood already. Check. Wedding planning is about when and who is doing what and paying the bill. He will approve the planning as we go along because the answers to all those questions are obvious and simple. We have so few choices and I am grateful for that. Loving our little, ordinary, backwoods world just now, again.
All that to say this. Amy and Tim are their own unique couple and no amount of simplicity of ceremony will detract from that about them. One thing I notice is that they love to laugh together. I pray they never forget how to laugh, even through the frustrating times. Laughter changes the color of “blue”. He likes her chatter/running commentary. She likes him. Period. I should have her make a list of all the things about him that make her feel secure and hopeful and happy about life … to look at later, someday, when laughter fails. For now, God Bless You, Amy and Tim. We Love You.


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