Numbers and a Theory

Sometimes numbers are just boring. But right now, in our family, they hold a certain interest for me. We have been married for thirty-five years. Five of our seven children are married and Amy is about to add a husband to her life making our total number for the Graber family a nicely rounded thirty. Exactly half of us are eight years old or younger, which is to say, we have fifteen grandchildren. Thus, in our mid-fifties, we are not bored.
    In fact, we often need to re- prioritize. Sometimes we get so busy with plans, visits, Facebook, sharing ideas, jokes, needs, jobs, sorrows, church, suppers, birthday parties, chores, deadlines and all the ordinary daily things that it feels like we are mindlessly existing. There’s hardly time for thoughtful decision making. Normal routines keep happening along with the unstoppable turning of the clock. As long as everyone is happy and healthy, why fuss?
    This then, is why I am glad for the habit of quiet time each morning. In the latest Daughters of Promise magazine there is an article about how prayer physically contributes to our brain growth and health. What a mercy, because I really need rejuvenation on a daily basis. The comfort of knowing that prayer heals my tired brain helps. So instead of feeling overwhelmed by too many thrills and needs from our crazy, large life; I can view all of it as prayer material. I get to kill two birds with one stone: grow my brain and bring all these things to our Sovereign Father for His care and keeping.
    Another fact that helps is knowing that each of these seven children of ours is, in fact, an adult. I don’t have to live their lives, raise their children, (our grandchildren), fix their beds, cook their meals, pay their debt, or make their decisions. Oh, the wonder of leaving and cleaving. It means that Elv and I get to be just two people doing life quietly when we choose.

    Still, keeping life sane and joyful requires vigilance. I have a theory. A theory that we are actually in the Tribulation now and too blinded by media and easy living to realize. If suddenly we remember to pray or provide some push-back to it, we are met with barrages of fear or negativity.  Elv says my eschatology is faulty. I hope he is right. I contend that peace and joy are fairly illusive unless a person really puts the mind to trusting God relentlessly.

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