What I Learned While Having The Flu

~ I learned that health is a gift. And I intend to be more grateful again for how great it is to feel well and energetic and strong. There is no way I can trump up strength and wellness. Talk about trusting God to help me to fight the bug and restore wellness. That was all I could do besides resting and taking lots of vitamins and even some painkillers.
~ I learned that flu has a beginning that is quite distinctive. Now I know what was that terrible tickle in my burning throat. And the dry cough. That’s the beginning of a whole list of odd things that keep one’s mind busily engaged in noticing how awful you feel. They say flu has an ending. But, I noticed that the ending is much more nebulous and lingering. Unfortunately. “Does it really ever end?” is the doubt that plays on the morbid imagination of the weakened mind and body. Which brings me to the next truth I learned about flu.
~ Flu causes narcissism and hypochondria. It’s bad. First you worry that you might die. Then you hope you will. And then you are frustrated that you don’t. Lots of me-ism and wondering how that ghastly reflection in the mirror can really be you, goes on. Sick mind from a sick body. One must just get a grip and figure out how live on, somehow. Yeah, I am exaggerating to make my point.
~ I learned that the only true friend you can depend on during flu is your family members who are just as sick as you are. Even that proved to be tricky after Amy lost her voice and I lost my hearing at the same time. She was so sick and tried to ask for something and I totally missed it. She cried and I felt terrible.  Not even the well family members want to see you or spend time with you. Flu is lonely. In a good way. The best way to not spread the flu is to keep it at home and all people out. Unless you’ve had the flu shot and you think you’re invincible because you happen to be the boyfriend coming to visit. 
~ Staring off into space is okay. Especially if it is grateful space. Keep it that way and you’re good.

~ Being quarantined at home is a great time to shine up the home spaces. After looking at the winter’s collection of dust while you couldn’t move and visualizing the flu germs floating and landing everywhere, getting my hands into a bucket of warm, soapy, scrubbing water did wonders.
~ Information about anything from how to clean a messy room or learning weird historical facts about hermits living in Siberia can be found on U tube. Apparently there is no end to knowledge. Some of it is interesting and useful. All of it was ultimately boring. Not nearly as satisfying as my own bucket and rag.

~ I learned I had time to memorize verses by hand lettering with pencil colors. And it is not childish after all… It is meaningful and helpful and inspiring. My work is still not that great, but I’m glad I had this opportunity to try it.
~ I discovered that sewing quilt blocks into a quilt top fills up a lot of boring time and requires creativity. I learned that I could be productive and make something useful and beautiful without any physical effort. It is a great way to rest and recuperate. I now understand my grandmothers who were crippled with arthritis. I think they must have felt huge satisfaction with their accomplishments. I still have blankets from them and they are treasures. The one I made is rather more along the lines of useful than pretty or treasured, probably, but I definitely feel the same satisfaction.

~Finally, I learned that we have so much to be thankful for here in our little old cottage in the woods. All those u tubes about tiny houses and off grid living, even the castle tours of rich folks in Europe gave me this solid gratefulness for our own way of living. There are lots of perfectly legitimate ways to live but home is always best.
 I am excited about continuing our de-cluttering and organizing efforts, next in the kitchen. Besides after seeing how others do it; I’m looking forward to working on a food budget around here, as well. So take that ye ole flu bug, I’m choosing to feel rejuvenated in body and renewed in mind. Spring is on the way.

1 thought on “What I Learned While Having The Flu”

  1. I'm sorry you had the flu, but thanks for sharing the lessons it taught you. I greatly enjoyed them. One of my favorites was “Staring off into space is okay. Especially if it is grateful space. Keep it that way and you're good.” I also noticed “ASK” in your scripture illustrations, since that is my “word for the year” in 2018. All the best in your de-cluttering and organizing!


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