Home Day On Monday


It’s been a Monday-ish sort of Monday all day. It started out with Elv feeling terrible because he slept badly and life is not fun when my husby is feeling crummy.
       From there, the day proceeded to take a long time to lift off with phone calls to and from the girls. Calls I enjoyed, of course. We talked about their weekend meetings and how having Dan Schrock preaching reminded them of old home days as children.
      I discovered we are out of laundry soap next so shower soap had to do with a little help from the soda box and a splash of bleach for the whites. I could have hauled off to Wal-mart for groceries, but home day is a home day and I don’t like to have it be any other kind of day.
     Sometime in the early afternoon I realized that if I was going to get the other things I wanted to do, done; I would have to try to stop reading this thick old novel for now. I love old, yellowed, thick novels on a home day.
     But first I checked the mailbox, twice. The second time is the charm and there lay the expected, fat, manila envelope of Festival music. All punched and in order for clipping into my music folder. The same folder that has a Dan Schrock label on the back left corner from other chorus days. I took time to sit down to the piano with the fresh music to hear some chords and sequences. The Monday part of this was that they’ve put me in the first alto spot instead of my own comfortable second.  I want to just sing and be truly a working part of the machine. It’s hard serious work and I love it. Anyhow, I’m proud and impatient. So God is still working me over, I guess.
       I got down off my high horse and gathered up Muphey’s Oil soap and hot water and a rag and the vacuum and headed downstairs to clean. Cleaning is good medicine. As far as pride goes, I shouldn’t have a shred of that left what with the amount of dirt and grime and dust I cleaned out of our little suite of rooms that we call our bedroom and study.
     Monday has ended well. I asked Francis what she is making for their supper because I am perpetually out of ideas. Runzas it was. I stirred up a batch of home made bread, and popped eight lovely meat-filled dough rounds into the oven and twenty minutes later pulled out perfectly browned rolls. I gathered from the men’s comments that I hit a home run on this experiment. Big hint. Skip the cabbage. Replace it with slabs of Swiss Cheese.
     Elv and I took a walk around the block in the slush and mud. Amy says she heard it is supposed to snow on Friday. It probably will. One of these days I’m going to write a blog post about the spring that never happened. We went straight from snowbanks to green grass in three days flat. I hope.  It is well into the second week of April and we don’t even have pussy willows. If we HAD pussy willows there would be no way to get over the snowbanks to gather them.  Genesis 8:22

1 thought on “Home Day On Monday”

  1. I like how you can make an account of your everyday life enjoyable for the reader. Keep up the good work and know that your posts are appreciated! 🙂


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