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When It’s Time To Change

Wouldn’t it be handy if we could always choose exactly the right time for needed change. We want to be in control of when to make improvements: when there’s enough money or when we have more time. And while we dally around, changes are commencing apace as usual with or without us. Excuses won’t do. The parade of technology and aging and depreciation marches right along.

In the last couple of years, I have needed to upgrade my glasses, computer, phone, and car. God is especially kind to me … the car and the computer, though used are quite adequate for my needs.

I dislike “new” things, but because nobody leaves well enough alone in technology land, I am required to learn new tricks. Thus the need for a better blogging platform. Blogger, you were wonderful in your prime and I thank you. Hello to one more new thing in my life, word press.

I wish I could say that I did it myself. But that would be an outright lie. We have Dru in the family. He knows these things. He knew how to drag the whole nine years of my scribblings across the web, and plop them down again where I can continue dabbling with words and photos to my hearts content. I might even play around with the possibilities in this new place of writing. It’s like getting a fresh new tablet of white lined paper in preparation for school. I remember opening the new paper packs and feeling their clean smoothness, the smell of new paper.  This font is really nice, too.

I suppose the best way to acquiesce to change is to savor it and to get acquainted with  it by writing a few words and clicking a few settings. Mom always said, “Can’t never tried.”  It is still true.

So I’m going to publish this. I wonder if the featured image is going to be content to live at the top of my posting.


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