Summer Supper


We had supper on the patio this evening. It’s been hot, even sultry, all day. And though Elv isn’t at home, I was inspired this afternoon to make a nice supper for Brad and me. We had fried chicken and baked potatoes and fresh cucumbers. It made a pretty plate so I took a picture. Amy showed up here after getting off work and sat up to supper with us. The three of us lingered there under the canopy with the evening around us.

Finally Brad pulled us away for a walk around the block as well. I love the long summer evenings. Soon, too soon, we will have frost and changing leaves and ripening grapes. I looked for black berries along the roads, but they’re few and far between. The bears have been eating them, besides the poison ivy vine is everywhere making it impossible to get to them.

I had time to putter at watering the flowers and creating new flower boxes of fall mums for the Innsbruck patio today. Which led to cleaning the patio here, straightening and adding soil to the depleted impatient pots. I had an empty decorative flowerpot from work to fill. I remember Mom Graber’s trick of bringing in a couple of her patio begonia plants for winter. I chose one to see how it does.


At the used shop today, I found towels and curtains and a stainless teakettle for the Innsbruck travel home.  Progress.

I didn’t post another sailing picture on this post although I really wanted to show you a new one I got on Sunday. Brad gave our little sloop a bath and it is very white and clean. Against the blue sky and blue waves it is quite dazzling with those white linen looking sails.

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