One Last Picnic

20181018_181131 Fall is flying away in colored leaves on the wind. Tomorrow they will be picked up and blown through the mulch machine onto the freshly tilled and limed garden. The garden is being tucked away for winter. Let the snow cover and coach the decomposition of leaves to feed next year’s crop of vegetables and flowers.

We had two days of warmer weather, Indian summer. We poised ourselves to host a family evening grilling and picnic on the first warm day available. Amy made brown sugar pie. I made soup. Everyone brought meat to grill. Charlotte and Lisl and Kristine filled in perfectly.

Afterward we pulled our chairs in close around the blazing fire to visit while the children played hide seek in the dark around the house and out buildings. I love fall festivities. All the color and spice, sweaters, and the second and third graders are suddenly taking on height and self-awareness. It’s breathtaking and beautiful.

There comes a time in a child’s life, in October, where the August child is no more. All the new school clothes are too short. There’s a look out of his face that bespeaks a rounding out of experience. He can pump the swing up higher than the clouds and fly there in ecstasy … the same child who cried for an under duck three months ago.  He doesn’t need help to fly anymore. I love this too about fall.

It’s also the time of year for pretty supper tables, small fires on the hearth, fresh baked loaves of golden bread, and new soup recipes. And for firewood chores, filled bird feeders, and clean, bare patios.

Finally, for Elv and I, this fall has been difficult with health uncertainties. But the Redeemer of all tough situations has been leading us to more time together. (Amazing how He answered that heart yearning of mine.) Elv must work fewer hours on the job in order to heal. We have been having the best times working at home together. Morning coffee times are back to stay, we hope.



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