Grace Bible Church Photo


We don’t plan ahead for this annual picture. Of course, this is obvious. It’s just as informal as it appears to be. A few people are missing, which always happens as well. We hope that given enough years in a row that we do this, that everyone will be on the picture at some point.

It took us maybe ten minutes to follow directions and get lined up and captured. Our small number is part of the reason, but I like to think that the greater explanation is that we are used to working together well.  Every child had a decorative squash thrust into his or her hand and was told to get with family and face the camera. Put that in your tool belt for next time you want to marshal your troops. We have a lot of little children. It’s amazing what ten years can do to a church group. The squashes came off the dining room tables and returned there as soon as we were done. One of our moms knows what works.

Oh,  we had the sun in our eyes! We had a visitor who was handed Ben’s phone and a chair to stand on. I think he took eight or nine pictures.

Thanks everyone for our cheerful cooperation. May all that we endeavor to do be as blessed, by God’s grace.

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