A Logger’s Morning Prayer


It has started looking dusky outside by four in the afternoon and the snow stays all day long on the leaves outside. Here we are, headed straight into the long nights of the northern lands. It is okay as long as there is firewood enough to keep our stoves going and lamps enough to keep us in light where we live. Cozy times of winter evenings.

In Wisconsin the weather is a big deal. And with reason. A week ago we were raking leaves. Now snow covers anything we didn’t get done. Winter lasts so long around here that we will be asking each other by spring what really is left under the snow anyway. Six months is a long time to remember what you cannot see when it comes to yard work. As I was saying weather is important around here. Yesterday morning Elv prayed like this. “Thank You Lord, for frozen ground and fresh snow.” This from an honest heart of gratitude for the release from mud and ruts and endless, futile back-blading to keep the trail passable. Loggers and farmers pray about weather in these parts. Thanksgiving season is right on time.





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