Christmastime Scribblings

I did a bit of Christmas decorating this week. Decorating for Christmas for us means that we create little shelf vignettes of snowflakes, berries, pine, lace, glimmer and creches.  Cabin style and perfect for this family.

Last year I added a box of old letters and post cards that Elv’s mother had accumulated over the years from friends and family. There are Christmas cards yellowed with age written in from home adding rich dimension of old family memories to our own festivities.

The sailboat fronted card has never been used. It says Home For Christmas in tiny letters. Yesterday when I saw this bundle of cards in the box I put it on top for Brad. He enjoyed his little sailboat this year. Besides eight generations ago our ancestors came to this land of freedom and opportunity  in a sailing vessel. We are blessed far beyond deserving.

We will miss Mom Graber this year when we are together. We’ll talk about the  Christmases she spent with us and her gifts of hand made rag dolls and used books.

Every year as Christmastime approaches a carol or a part of The Story reaches a specific need that has been growing in my heart all year.  Anticipation of what God will be bringing to mind over and over to meet that need is exciting to me. It is like receiving a gift from God that is somehow directly related to the gift of His Son in the first place. 


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