The Last of January

It was already getting colder on Monday, with a polar vortex headed our way and by Tuesday night deeply sub-zero degrees were predicted. The wind chills were going to make it memorable, I mean, record breaking in terms of winter coldness. I enjoy dramatic winter weather from inside our fine old house with a wood stove hearth to snuggle by. We burned a pile of wood last week but we stayed cozy.

Elv actually had time to install a pot rack for me on one of those cold days. So the kitchen got a face lift and I sorted and culled out a few more useless items making more organized spaces for the small appliances inside the cabinets. With so much clean showing up I resolved that I would after this not consider the dishes DONE until they are in fact all put away and the counters properly cleared. It’s been five days and I’m still mostly getting that done. This is perfect therapy for the winter blahs. Meal prep also becomes viable when the kitchen finally makes sense.

At work they were remodeling the showroom. When I returned to work on Friday the skid steer smog still hung in the air, but painting was well under way. Everything of furniture and gifts and shelving and carpets were everywhere and mostly heaped into non-discernible stacks. But by Saturday evening we had ushered a few of those heaps into shelves and rows and displays. With only a few customers, it is the perfect time of year to rejuvenate. When we allow customers in by this weekend we expect them to be just as delighted as we are.

Rosie indulged in creating a lamp display in the updated store space. Do come in next week and see what we’ve been up to.

January, my friends, is gone and done. I think we made good use of our time and the cold weather!

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