Living In The Moment

So I want to talk about this here because it should be riveted into my mind and experience. If I say it and write it maybe I’ll be reminded of it when I get carried away with too many good things happening. Too many good things and missing the best thing or two.

Elv and I have been talking about this, too. Another good reason to record it here. Because it’s too easy to discover a truth or need in our lives as a couple, even to talk about it, and then to get too busy to remember it. To live it. Now.

Now. That’s the key word here. But we have our dreams for the future. Our future is bright and filled with delights. I won’t go into that. It’s ours and you might find it odd. The thing we are learning is how to walk toward the future while enjoying what is now. Now for us is full of work and family and some empty nesting and projects. A LOT of projects. Repair projects, finish work, re-roofing our house, etc. It’s a long list. We lean into these. We could get all stressed about how long it’s taking or how much it is costing.

Instead of stressing these givens in our lives and letting them carry us along and along till we aren’t even enjoying what’s good today, we have decided to do this:

  1. Take a daily morning walk in our beautiful world each morning together.
  2. To spend time just walking around the garden looking at it or standing at the pea fence snacking. I put two chairs in the garden for sitting by the fabulous purple cone flower patch.
  3. To work a little each evening on our most important project and not stress how much or how little gets done when we are interrupted.
  4. To light a fire in the Swedish stove on the patio in the evening when someone shows up. Why not sit and visit, even if its just for a few minutes? Every minute makes a memory. Plug the light string in, too.
  5. Keep the S’mores bucket supplied with the fixings in case we get to have a fire on the patio with the grandkids.
  6. Block unnecessary or upsetting distractions on social media. Social media is often artificial anyway if you really think about it, like some different self of us that has no real connection with what we really need to be praying or thinking about.
  7. Keep fresh bouquets from the garden on the tables.
  8. Use cloth napkins and sit up to the table for suppers.
  9. Eat out of the garden.
  10. Pray together before going off to work.

5 thoughts on “Living In The Moment”

  1. Arla, are you sharing so others can use it too?
    It kinda fits us and I would love to have your list hanging by our chairs that we sit in when we have our devotions in the evening. We need those reminders so often, because we think it has to all be done today….Aunt Carol


  2. I wish I could figure out how to write out the scramble of good points we talked about yesterday and the ones from Shilah and April as well. You managed to do it. Perhaps I’ll give it a go.


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